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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

National Geographic Traveler: Germany Book Review

 National Geographic Traveler: Germany Book Review

About the Book: National Geographic Traveler: Germany, 3rd Edition, presents today's Germany region by region, from Munich's famous beer halls and fairy-tale Bavarian castles to the vibrant hub that is 21st-century Berlin, the Rhine Valley's medieval towns, and picturesque vineyards along the Romantic Road. Exciting experiences include touring underground Berlin, windsurfing off the northern Baltic coast, learning how to brew beer in Bavaria, and exploring a breathtaking corner of the Black Forest.

Our Take:  Its almost that time of year...time for vacation!  You could go to Disney World or Hawaii, but its our contention that you should do as we'd like to...experience the amazing culture and history of Europe!  We're going to examine several travel guides over the next few months.  The first one on our list is the National Geographic Traveler Guide to Germany!

The presentation of the book is about 8" long and 5" wide, with glossy full-color images throughout.  Its a softcover title that has a sturdy and thick cover that will withstand a lot of ware and tear.  This may come in handy if you take the guide with you on the trip, as we would highly recommend that you do.

This book not only provides you with some maps and things to do, but it gives you detailed explanations about the historical and cultural significance of the sights.  There is everything from what the customs are (things like tipping in restaurants) to emergency numbers and how to utilize the public transportation services.  I cannot imagine traveling to another country without a comprehensive guide like this one.   Its National Geographic, so you know that its a high-quality publication.   We highly recommend this to anyone planning to travel to Germany, or just wishing to learn more about the culture and region.

How to Buy: The National Geographic Store