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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

National Geographic Kids: If Stones Could Speak Book Review

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National Geographic Kids: If Stones Could Speak Book Review

About the Book: What are the secrets of the ancient stones? Were they a burial site, an ancient calendar, a sports stadium, a place of Druid worship... or even a site of sacrifice? World-renowned archaeologist Mike Parker-Pearson recently began a new quest to excavate the wider area around Stonehenge to answer these and many other questions. National Geographic helped sponsor their mission, and now Mike takes our young readers behind the scenes to experience this groundbreaking story first-hand, through the eyes of the experts.

Within the past three years, Mike and his team have revolutionized our understanding of Stonehenge by exploring the surrounding landscape for clues about the stones. The results have been breathtaking: the team recently unearthed the largest Neolithic village ever found in England. 

If Stones Could Speak brings young readers the inspirational story of the incredible discoveries now taking place at this World Historical Site. The informative and drama-driven text includes tales of dead bodies, cremations, feasting, and ancient rituals, as well as science like carbon dating. The images include some of those featured in National Geographic's cover story on the discoveries, for which the stones were "painted in light" at night with awe-inspiring results.

The expert text, stunning photography, and explanatory maps and illustrations will all help young readers see this ancient monument in totally new ways, and no doubt inspire future generations of archaeological explorers.

Our Take: Stone Henge has been a mystery for hundreds of years.  Where did it come from?  Who build it?  What was it for?  Is it a mystical porthole to another world or a human sacrifice alter?  This book takes a great stride into exploring the realities of Stone Henge and the possible history surrounding it.

This book is not only fantastic for kids, but for adults too.  I've been interested in Stone Henge since I was a youth and when reading this one with my kids I found it to be full of new and engaging information.  Its well-researched and serves as more of a field guide for the research that this team did around Stone Henge.  

This book would be great in any classroom or just for those interested in history.  We highly, highly recommend this one!