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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hannah Montanta: Miley Says Goodbye DVD Review

 Hannah Montanta: Miley Says Goodbye DVD Review

Synopsis: Be the first to see the entire groundbreaking premiere of the pivotal Hanna Montana Season Three Finale! In Miley Says Goodbye? watch as Miley struggles with her biggest decision yet! Will she leave her rock-star life in Malibu to return home to her Tennessee roots to be with her favorite horse, Blue Jeans? In these 6 episodes from the Emmy-nominated series, including the finale that you can check out on DVD first, Miley must take control of her own life and listen to her heart. In this fully loaded DVD, David Archuleta (from American Idol) guest stars, and Cody Linley returns as Jake in an hour-long episode that has Miley thinking He Could Be The One. And you won't believe the exclusive alternate ending! Add in incredible bonus features like Sister Secrets! and Hannah's Highlights, and you've got the ultimate extra special Hannah Montana event DVD that you won't want to miss!

Review: This new DVD release in the Hannah Montana franchise takes place where the Hannah Montana movie really left off.  Miley finds herself literally dreaming of Tennessee and her horse 'Blue Jeans'.  She decides to bring her horse to California with her and after some soul searching, she figures out that she is really homesick and wants to move back to Tennessee full-time.  This would involve leaving her two best buds, Oliver and Lilly!  Whats a girl to do?

This DVD release features five episodes from season three and the cliffhanger finale.  What does Miley decide?  You'll have to pick up the DVD to be sure!  You can see it there first and later on the Disney Channel.

Bonus Features for this DVD release include: He Could Be The One Alternate Ending, Hannah's Highlights: You Never Give Me My Money Episode, Sister Secrets Miley's Real-Life Sister Reveals Another Side Of Miley!

This is a solid release for any Hannah fan.  Its got a lot of heart and great bonds of friendship.  The question must be answered once and for all..what will Miley choose?!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars