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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Handmade Underground Jewelry: 25 Fun Projects for All Occasions

Handmade Underground Jewelry: 25 Fun Projects for All Occasions

About the Book: Haute couture meets street culture in Handmade Underground Jewelry, where you'll find 25 cool jewelry projects to recreate the boutique look right in your own neighborhood. With basic skills that are easy to pick up and directions that echo the camaraderie of a craft group, the spirit of Handmade Underground Jewelry is fun, loose, experimental, and creative. Each chapter is devoted to a specific skill or technique, including beading, knotting, wire wrapping, and sewing. Plus, you'll learn how to combine techniques to make stunning pieces. For every project, you'll get

Step-by-step instructions and templates

Four-color photos and illustrations

Color charts and project variations with anecdotes

Helpful hints and cool ideas

From a vintage Whimsy Locket to a seared silk and seed bead bezel Nostalgia Brooch, the 25 projects in Handmade Underground Jewelry allow you to make truly unique pieces that look like they came straight out of a hip boutique, while still reflecting your personal style.

Our Take: One of my passions in life is to make jewelry.  It is one of my releases from stress, as many hobbies can be.  I buy books quite often for inspiration. I mean, we all need a little inspiration now and then don't we?!  Well, I did find this book inspiring for someone of my experience with beading and jewelry making skills, but I also think this book is ideal for new beader’s that would like to learn the basics.  The first 25 pages teaches you everything you'll need to know about how to construct a piece.  I truly wish I'd had this book 10 years ago when I was first learned about beading!  I spent countless hours trying and trying to figure things out that had someone with experience, or a decent book, shown me it would have saved me a lot of time.

As you get further in the book you'll find a lot of simple, yet beautiful projects to try.  25 of them to be exact.  The projects are very modern and a good reflection of what we are seeing currently in the jewelry shops and boutiques. For that matter, one of the mall stores I went into today had a piece that was nearly the same as one in this book.

I personally love the idea of incorporating feathers into my pieces.  I took that out of this book... I've never done it before and they told me step by step how to do it with ease!  I was very thankful for that!  I ran to my local craft store to buy a bag of them and instantly and made earrings full of personality. So,  hopefully this book will make you do just what I to the store and buy a few things to incorporate into your bead stash and most importantly, spark your creativity.

-Holly, Book Legion

How to Buy: Amazon or Wiley Press