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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Extreme Bodies DVD Review

Extreme Bodies DVD Review

Synopsis: EXTREME BODIES reveals the extraordinary stories of the most unique people on the planet. From Americas tallest man to a primordial dwarf whose body remains a mystery to medical science, these four episodes unlock the biological secrets of amazing human oddities – including a 700-pound athlete and conjoined twins who share a brain!


Conjoined Twins: Featuring the Schappell twins, who have lived their lives joined at the head, and the Hogan twins, who share a brain, this show explores the amazing structures of people who are literally one in a billion!

Super Obese: With two-thirds of the U.S. population overweight or obese, are we pushing our bodies to their natural limit? See how the world’s heaviest athlete functions at more than 700 pounds! 

Giants: Standing 7’ 8”, George Bell is America’s tallest man. Find out what caused him to grow to this towering height, as we enter the bodies and lives of giants who often suffer from dangerous medical conditions. 

Dwarfs: Shaped by genetic anomalies buried deep in their DNA, dwarf bodies are the products of incredible anatomical engineering. With cutting-edge computer graphics, Extreme Bodies uncovers the science hidden within the world’s smallest people.

Review: Here at the DVD Legion we love the Discovery Channel and we love documentaries.  These specials are a perfect marriage of the two.  Extreme Bodies is a show that we've caught here and there in broadcast, but it was nice to have them collected onto this DVD set to watch all in a row. 

Discovery does an amazing job of producing high-quality documentary pieces.  This is nothing like reality television, where you get set-up scripts and scenarios.  This is literally reality for these people.  You get a rare glimpse inside the real world of everyone from conjoined twins to dwarfs. 

This is educational television at its finest.  Its providing you with a great insight and a ton of scientific information, but in a way that is interesting and captivating.  We cannot recommend this DVD set enough.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars