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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Live and Die in L.A. Blu-Ray Review

To Live and Die in L.A. Blu-Ray Review

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Synopsis: A secret service agent becomes obsessed with destroying a counterfeiter responsible for his partner's death.

Review:  This film does a great job of showing L.A.  Not the L.A. that you see in the movies on TV.  You know the one...the one thats just the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills.  No, this is gritty, dirty and gruff Los Angeles.  At the core this is a cops and robbers movie.  Its one of those epic crime dramas that was really never given the credit that it deserves in it's day.

This film was released seven years ago on DVD, so I had high hopes for the transfer over to blu-ray.  The original film was released back in the mid-1980s, so we weren't sure how it'd go, but I'm pleased with the transfer.  It looks great.

To Live and Die in L.A. should be seen by anyone that enjoys crime drama.  This film has complex characters and unabashed violence.  Its Friedkin's masterpiece and should defintely be a part of your collection!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars