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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The South Park Kit: Dude, Sweet Review

The South Park Kit: Dude, Sweet Review

About the Kit: South Park has built a remarkably large and loyal fan base since its debut in 1997. Now for the first time ever, fans can get their hands on the official South Park Kit and all its cool contents. Kit includes:

• Goth Kids coffee mug
• Towelie microfiber computer cloth
• Terrance and Philip movie poster
• Warning: Manbearpig! poster
• Vote Douche and Vote Turd campaign pins
South Park Word Magnet
The Ultimate South Park Fan Trivia Quiz book

Our Take: This kit is comprised of both very good and very bad items.  Allow me to explain....firstly and most importantly we should focus on the book.  There is an ultimate trivia quiz book packed into the set.   This book has page after page of obscure South Park trivia.  Its very thorough, well put together and a fun read. 

The kit has a few very positive items, like the Goth kids mug.  If you've seen the goth kids episode, then you realize how funny this is.  If not, well, then you need to see it!  Trust me.  Also, the Towelie computer cloth and the magnets are very cool.

The set does have a few downsides.  Its not that these are actually bad things, they're just not that interesting to maybe an average fan.  The Manbearpig poster is kind of obscure, even for South Park fans.  I would've much rather had just a poster with a ton of the cast members on it, but thats just me.

Overall, a great set. This one makes a very affordable and fun gift.

How to Buy: You can get this item on or on the Running Press website