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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The South Park Guide to Life Book Review

The South Park Guide to Life Book Review

About the Book: Since the first episode aired on Comedy Central in 1997, South Park has proven to be one of the most socially relevant and downright hilarious television shows of all time. No series skewers pop culture and politics with more effective wit and wisdom than South Park—from dysfunctional family life to bad manners to the entire country of Canada, for the residents of this tiny town, no subject is sacred or taboo!
A regular ratings monster and Emmy-winner, South Park is also an unlikely source of advice on all facets of life. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny along with the rest of the town offer hilariously twisted insights and questionable counsel on topics such as teamwork, spirituality, and the opposite sex. South Park Guide to Life is a much anticipated collection of colorful illustrations and original lines from the show. Great for grads and fans alike!

Our Take: Are you a South Park fan?  If you've seen the show, you probably are.  Oh, maybe you don't like to admit it so much, but you laugh..admit it!   Here at Book Legion we're unabashed fans of the juvenille humor of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny!  This novelty book, 'The South Park Guide To Life', is not only affordable, but its fun.

This book offers still shots from the show with some of the funniest quotes from its various characters.  Its a straight-up comedy book.  No unnecessary text, just quote after hilarious and inappropriate quote!

Its one of those thats great to have sitting around in the restroom..on a coffee table..or even in the car for when you're bored and need to kill a little time.  Its a great pick-me-up to have on your desk at work when you want to lighten up. 

Where to Buy: or the Running Press Site