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Friday, February 26, 2010

The South Park Episode Guide, Volume 1 Seasons 1-5 Book Review

The South Park Episode Guide, Volume 1 Seasons 1-5 Book Review

About the Book: Since its debut in 1997, South Park has been one of the best loved, most watched, and intensely controversial shows on television. The animated series about four 4th graders—Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny—has perennially been a critical triumph and a regular ratings monster. And it boasts an enormous legion of diehard fans who would kill (Kenny) to get their hands on this book.

Inside you’ll find entertaining, informative, and colorful descriptions of each episode of South Park from Season 1 through 5. Each episode is presented on a full-color spread featuring detailed plot descriptions, character sketches, celebrity-guest rundowns, dead-body counts, pointless observations, insider information, unexpected trivia, memorable quotes, colorful screen grabs, and much more.

Our Take: We love South Park here at the Legion.  The show has been on the air and causing mischief since 1997, and still going strong.  Anyone that has seen it knows that no celebrity or social subject matter is off limits.  They do a great job of not taking sides, but mocking all extremes on every issue.

When I first heard about these episode guides, I wasn't quite sure what the point was.  I mean, you can look up any episode guide on the net, right?  Well, not like this one you can't.  This isn't just some episode guide...this is an all-out, in-depth look at the first five seasons of the show.

Each episode is given two pages of summaries, trivia, behind the scenes tidbits and graphics.  For of my personal favorite episodes "Gnomes".  It aired during season two as the 17th episode.  The book tells us the body count for the episode, pop culture references, memorable quotes, pointless observations, character debuts and several paragraphs about the actual story.  In this episode it tells us as a pointless observation that "The band Toto performs at a Prop 10 rally.  A costumed character named Camel Joe, used by Harbucks to drum up business with kids, is a thinly veiled reference to Joe Camel.  This is the first time that Token is actually referred to as "Token".  Up to this point, he has just been a background character.  The logline for Tweek Bros. Coffee is "30 Years of Tweekers." 

The book is so very in-depth and a perfect gift for any fan.  Its a good birthday gift or a nice thing to just pick up for yourself.

Where to Buy: or The Running Press Website