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Friday, February 05, 2010

New York, I Love You Blu-Ray Review

New York, I Love You Blu-Ray Review

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Synopsis: A collective work of twelve short films shot by renowned international directors in each of the city's five boroughs, with the theme of finding love being interwoven between each of the five minute stories.

Review: I love these films that have the montage of short films on one subject.  This time we get 11 love stories from various directors and writers.  New York, I Love You is the sequel to Paris Je T'Aime. 

The movie starts out with a slightly rough short, but goes into some much more interesting segments that include great actors like Ethan Hawke and Chris Cooper.  The directors include Brett Ratner and Allen Hughes.

The film has a few of my favorite actresses in it...Christina Ricci and Natalie Portman.   These two have been re-defining the female role in movies for many years now, and I really enjoy anytime I can watch either one of them.

The Blu-Ray is crisp and fantastic.  It has a huge splash of color and really pops on the screen, unlike a lot of older releases.  The 1080p high definition picture is definately the way to go.  If you enjoy love stories and film that is constantly changing, this one is definately for you.  Its a great date night film.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars