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Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Dc Super Heroes Superman Animated Book Series Review

New Dc Super Heroes Superman Animated Book Series Review
by Capstone Kids

The Book Series Overview: It's the newest, coolest offering from Stone Arch Books -- DC Super Hero chapter books, featuring the world's greatest superheroes. SUPERMAN, the MAN OF STEEL, defeats aliens and supervillains, and rescues LOIS LANE and JIMMY OLSEN. BATMAN, the DARK KNIGHT, prowls the shadowy streets of GOTHAM CITY with his partner, ROBIN THE BOY WONDER, putting fear into the hearts of the bad guys. These new stories, with original art by DC illustrators, will captivate young readers and give them glowing examples of bravery, loyalty, and true heroism.

Our Take: We've spotlighted all of the Dc Super Heroes Batman books from Capstone kids so far, with glowing praise.  Its easy to get on our good side when you're making 'Timm-Verse' era product.  Well, in that tradition now they've moved onto making Superman titles, based on the 1990s Timm designs from Superman: the Animated Series!  And honestly, we couldn't be more pleased!   I make my kids watch the old shows, because we don't have any decent new DC Comics cartoons, so this is the artwork they're used to in these books.  It makes perfect sense for them.

The stories in the titles are great, they come off like a storybook version of the show, much how the accompanying comic books used to do.  You could go to the comic shop and buy the Superman or Batman animated comic and rather than re-hash the show it would give you further adventures to bring you into the animated universe.  There are some great quality stories here, even one written by our pal and comic writer Matthew K. Manning!

These come in library binding hardcover and softcover versions.  The hardcover are significantly more expensive around $19, while the softcover is only $6.  I'd recommend the hardcover versions for collectors, and we know there are a ton of you Superman collectors out there.

We highly recommend these for parents and collectors.  They're fun to read and my seven year old can read them to me.  You have to read with your kids, you may as well give them something cool!

How to buy: The Official Capstone Site - you can buy them all in a group or individually if you search on their site.  They also have both library binding hardcover and cheaper soft cover versions available!