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Thursday, February 25, 2010

LeapFrog: Math Adventure to the Moon DVD Review

LeapFrog: Math Adventure to the Moon DVD Review

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Synopsis: Join Tad and Lily as they blast off on an exciting educational adventure! Tad and Lily need the perfect collection of things to take to school for their math assignment. When they finally decide on moon rocks, there’s just one problem — how will they get them? With some magical help from their firefly friend, Edison, they board a rocket ship to start their quest. Soon the twins learn that math is everywhere, even in outer space! Watch as they use their skills in counting, sorting, skip counting and recognizing patterns to overcome obstacles, find new f riends and make the trip back to Earth!

Review: These Leapfrog DVDs are a ton of fun for little ones.  This time the lovable frogs, Tad and Lily, blast off to the moon to find things for their school math assignment.   The frogs take kids through all types of counting exercises and the realization that math is everywhere and in everything.

We sat our five year old down to view this one and she loved it.  She is in kindergarten, so she is just staring to explore and understand these concepts of math being all around her.  Our seven year old son is in first grade, and is very advanced in math, far beyond his class, and he still got something out of the DVD.  Its not just educational, its entertaining.

We highly recommend this and any of the Leapfrog titles for your little ones.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars