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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jake Stays Awake Book Review

 Jake Stays Awake Book Review

Book Synopsis: Jake can’t sleep. He climbs into bed with his mom and dad.  Now Jake’s parents can’t sleep.  Even the dog is awake.  This family needs a good night’s rest. Where can they sleep?  The answer will delight and reassure children and their (sleep-deprived) parents!

Our Take: This is one of two Jake books.  There is also a 'Jake Goes to School'.  This title is written and illustrated by author Michael Wright.   This hardcover kids short tale is about a little boy named Jake that just can't fall asleep.  He decides to join his parents in bed and insanity ensues, eventually ending in Jake making peace with sleeping on his own.  This title is not only helpful for parents trying to push bedtime independance on their kids, but its theraputic for parents that have a difficult time with their transitioning child.

The book is illustrated completely by computer, likely using Adobe Illustrator.  The colors are pure and vibrant and the book honestly doesn't need hand-drawn illustration to get the point across (though we do always give extra points here at Book Legion for actual artwork in a kids title!).

We definately recommend this one for any parent of a 1-5 year old.  Hopefully your 6 year old or above is already in their own bed full-time...for your sake! Jake Stays Awake is an absolute for kids and a great guide for parents.

How To Buy: On the Feiwel & Friends Publisher Site or Amazon