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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gary UnMarried: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Gary UnMarried: The Complete First Season DVD Review

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Synopsis: Funnyman Jay Mohr (JERRY MAGUIRE, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) delivers the laughs in the award-winning (People's Choice Award For Favorite New TV Comedy 2009) hit comedy GARY UNMARRIED: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON. Newly single dad Gary Brooks (Mohr) is an uncomplicated guy trying to find his way in an increasingly complicated world. Gary's doing the best he can to raise his two kids with ex-wife Allison (Paula Marshall), while just beginning to stick his toe back into the dating pool after fifteen years of marriage...just in time for Allison to drop a major bombshell on him. Experience all twenty laugh-out-loud episodes in this 3-Disc Collection. Packed with never-before-seen bonus features, including a behind-the-scenes visit with Emmy Award-winning director James Burrows (CHEERS), GARY UNMARRIED: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON is the comedy hit about trying to start over while still holding on to the things that really matter.

Bonus Features include: Gary Unhinged: Bloopers From Season One, Tuesday On The Set With Jay Spend A Day On The Set Of GARY UNMARRIED With Jay Mohr, Planet Begley Cast Member Ed Begley Jr. Brings His Eco-Friendly Expertise To The Set Of GARY UNMARRIED, The Chemistry Of Comedy Join The Cast And Crew For An All-Access Tour Of GARY UNMARRIED.

Review: There is a certain formula to sitcom television shows.  The 1990s were the last real era of the situation comedy before reality tv and fake-improv shows like 'the Office' took over.  A few more traditional sitcoms do remain over at CBS, like 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Two and a Half Men'.  These shows are joined now by the new Gary UnMarried.

This is a fairly traditional concept..its an overweight guy with attractive women in his life.  You've seen this model on shows like the 'King of Queens'.  The twist here is that we are following a divorced father and watching him fumble his way through newly single life.

The show is overall pretty funny.  Its a decent watch.  The second season is going strong, so this is a nice way to get caught up.  There are quite a few recurring characters and running gags that originate from season one.  If you're into the traditional sitcom, this show is a nice throwback for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars