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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Boys Are Back DVD Review

The Boys Are Back DVD Review

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Synopsis: Clive Owen delivers a critically acclaimed performance in THE BOYS ARE BACK, the heartwarming and uplifting drama about a man who is suddenly thrust into the role of single parent. Successful sportswriter Joe Warr (Owen) finds himself completely unprepared to raise his rambunctious 6-year-old son Artie and juggle the challenges of a demanding job, running a household and the possibility of romance. Determined to bring joy back into their lives, he develops a revolutionary approach to parenting no rules, no chores. It's a home filled with love and chaos and then Joe's estranged teenage son comes for a visit. Inspired by a true story and filled with emotional honesty, this poignant film will touch your heart and lift your spirits.

Bonus Features include: THE BOYS ARE BACK: A Photographic Journey With Optional Commentary By Director Scott Hicks, A Father And Two Sons, On Set

Review: I'm a fan of Clive Owen's work.  I really enjoyed him in Sin City and Shoot 'Em Up.  He's really good in Children of Men too.  Its due to this that I popped in 'The Boys Are Back' on DVD for a viewing one night.  I wasn't sure what to expect outside of the basic formula of the widower trying to raise his child.  What I found was pretty much spot-on to my expectations.

The film is rather uneventful.  Clive Owen brings in his older son from a previous marriage to help and they all three proceed to go through mourning and bonding.  The central theme of this is a male bonding film.  Nothing much really occurs and the film is rather low-key.  Its a nice watch, but its more something you might see as a movie of the week.

An upside of the film is that it takes place in Australia along the beautiful coastline.  The soundtrack also really adds to the feel of the film, with music by Sigur Rós.  This film is a solid 'feel-good' watch.   

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Video: Watch the Trailer HERE