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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southland Finds New Life on TNT!

Southland Finds New Life on TNT!

Its not often that a show jumps networks. It happened to Scrubs from NBC to ABC after that nasty last season with the writer's strike. And now, its happened to Southland. The show made the mistake of debuting on NBC the year before they decided to move forward with their now tragic Jay Leno Show experiment. Now that Leno has effectively trashed network TV and driven primetime viewers to cable tv, the brilliant folks at TNT have opted to pick-up the cop drama.

Whats that? Missed this one the first time around? No worries. They're going to air all seven episodes
and six NEW episodes all in the first half of 2010!
We had the opportunity to view the extended pilot and final NBC episode to catch me up to the series.  I hadn't seen it on tv when it aired originally.  I'm honestly glad that I didn't, because now I can watch it the way that it was meant to be seen by the show's creators.  They've added in SIX extra minutes to the pilot alone.  We're talking grittier situations, more language...lets face it any good drama belongs on cable and the freedoms that come along with that.  I'm going to be tuning in for certain.  I've found a great new cop drama to help fill the void that NYPD Blue left in my viewing schedule.  Law and Order is so dry and unoriginal at this point..and I never got into that CSI garbage.  Southland..this is the way that cop shows were meant to be.   I highly recommend tuning in tomorrow night, so that you can keep up with this series.  Its so good that they not only moved it to TNT, but they produced new episodes.  How can you say no to that?

Southland...Beginning with the Extended, Commercial-Free Premiere Tuesday, Jan. 12, Only on TNT at 10/9c.

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