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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series DVD Review

Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series DVD Review

You can own this DVD today

Synopsis: Ring in the Fraggle New Year with Lionsgate Home Entertainment's release of Fraggle Rock: The Complete Animated Series- available for the first time as a series on DVD!  Fans will now be able to complete their Fraggle collection with this two disc, 13 episode set of the animated series that ran Saturday mornings on NBC from 1987-88.  Fraggle Rock: The Complete Animated Series was closely modeled after the hugely successful live-actionFraggle Rock series from The Jim Henson Company. With over 4.5 hours of content, including all new never before released special features, this set promises to please both avid collectors as well as the live-action Fraggle Rock fans. 

Jim Henson's beloved children's series Fraggle Rock just celebrated its 25th anniversary and continues to prove it's still a fan-favorite with over 1.4 million DVD sales to date and the increased media buzz regarding the theatrical movie currently in development.  Fraggle Rock has been awarded an International Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program and continues to be adored by millions of fans worldwide.

Review: Jim Henson was a mad genius!  He spawned so many wonderful things..the Muppets..Sesame Street..Dark Crystal..and of course Fraggle Rock.  Now, Fraggle Rock is one of those cult favorite shows that kinda went under the radar for a lot of people.  Even though there was a McDonald's kids meal done off of the 'live-action' puppet show, many people either never saw the show or just couldn't get into it.

If you saw the Fraggles live-action show you know that it ran for four seasons.  The central theme of the show was environmental was almost a hippie version of the muppets.  Once the Fraggle Rock show ended they wanted to extend the show in some way, so the short-lived animated series was born.  What?  You've never heard of the animated series?  You're not alone.  You have to be a big cult follower of this franchise to have ever noticed this show that ran for a very short four seasons and a grand total of 13 episodes.  Now, Lionsgate has brought this rare toon to DVD for the first time.

I gave this one to my kids right away, because they love Fraggle Rock.  I enjoyed the nostalgia in the show, though the themes are a bit different than the live-action version.  This animated series is geared more towards kids with their 'believe in yourself' self-esteem promoting agenda.  Its a very cute show and is a nice accompanyment to any 80s animation collection or Fraggle Rock collection.  I highly recommend getting this complete animated has a very low price-point and is sure to be hard to find, even now.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars