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Monday, January 18, 2010

ER: The Complete Twelfth Season DVD Review

ER: The Complete Twelfth Season DVD Review

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Synopsis: Look who's checked in at County General: Dr. Victor Clemente arrives with a motor mouth, a load of talent, and a questionable past. Imposing, no-nonsense Eve Spellman takes charge (and almost takes over) as the new nurse manager. And hunky paramedic Tony Gates proves he's more than a guy on the make. Season 12 also brings spiraling drama and suspense to the lives of ER veterans. Abby and Kovacs share unexpected news. Gallant comes home from Iraq to be with Neela. Pratt goes to Darfur to work with Carter. And burn victims, stabbing victims, gunshot victims, assault victims--young and old, male and female, grateful and combative--keep the ER on edge. And sometimes over the edge.

Review: My wife made me watch ER every Thursday on NBC.   When I say that she made me I mean to say that...well, she made me.  I've never been much on the medical drama, but this one really started to grow on me.  This was my issue with the out some money and keep a cast member for more than three seasons.  After awhile it just got crazy, because to watch a show I have to be invested in the characters..its not the ER itself that I care about, so why keep switching it up on me?!  That being said, ER was a phenominal show.

In season 12 they added one of my favorite actors, John Leguizamo, as Dr. Victor Clemente.  This most definately saved this season for me.  They did something very topical and sent Carter to Darfur.  This move split the show between two locations, which in retrospect worked very well and added depth and scope to the show, but when it aired I was annoyed.  I really liked Carter and I could feel that this drastic creative move signaled the beginning of the end for him.  It was obvious to me that the actor was interested in more interesting writing for his character and he wasn't going to stay long.  Low and behold, he didn't.  Thats neither here nor there now that the show isn't airing new episodes anymore. 

I'm complaining a lot here, but honestly season 12 was FULL of great moments and tons of dramatic storytelling.  The Leguizamo story arc alone was both shocking and exciting.  I was sad to see him go.  It was sad to see how Gallant and Neela related after his military service.  This is a must-have for any ER fan and if you never saw the show, what better time than now.  Get this on DVD and get caught up.  The great part about ER changing it up so often is that you can jump in at any time and get caught right back don't need to watch seasons 1-11 to get season 12. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Video: You can watch clips from the show HERE