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Monday, January 18, 2010

BBC Robin Hood: Season 3 DVD Review

BBC Robin Hood: Season 3 DVD Review

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Synopsis: The legend continues... With new allies and old enemies, Robin Hood returns for a third series full of thrilling adventures as Robin and his gang continue to outwit the dastardly Sheriff and his forces. As the series begins, the outlaws are in disarray. Marian is dead and Robin has split up the gang and launched a solo mission to avenge her and kill Gisborne. It is only the intervention of the mysterious Tuck that stops Robin joining Marian in an early grave. Which is bad news for Gisbourne and the Sheriff. Under pressure from Prince John, they must take down Robin Hood once and for all. When the prince, tired of their ineffectualness and bad leadership, arrives in Nottingham to reprimand the Sheriff and Gisbourne, it becomes clear that there is only room forone sidekick at his table,but which one?

Review: This isn't your parent's Robin Hood!  No one does it better than the BBC.  The BB--what?  The BBC!  Over in England they green light some fantastic television and Robin Hood is on the forefront.  Inventing a new show and characters like LOST is fine and dandy, but to take existing characters that you already have some investment in and making them edgy and interesting in this day and age is amazing.

The show had run a great course throughout seasons 1 and 2 (if you haven't seen it then we recommend picking up the DVDs!), but what to do, so that Robin Hood doesn't get dull?  Why......


.....You kill off Maid Marian, of course!  Thats right at the end of season two thats precisely what they did.  No bolder move could have been taken.  My fear is that this move will doom the series to be done..and the buzz around the net is just that, there may be no season four for Robin Hood.  That would make this the third and final season of the show.  I know that I like to collect DVDs of a series once its all over with, so that I can view it all the way through.  Now you can do that with Robin Hood.  To make it three seasons on the BBC is fairly difficult as it is, so that shows you the fantastic quality of this fantasy series.

The action is great and the characters are well developed.  You care about Robin..  You hate the Sheriff.  Nottingham is done in such a fun way that it makes the epic Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie seem like an after-school special!  I recommend this for anyone that enjoys period pieces, fantasy or just plain good programming.

This DVD set includes some fantastic special features:

-A Legend Reborn (behind the scenes feature)
-A New Look (behind the scenes look at costuming)
-Trebuchet: Creating Chaos
-Character Profiles
-Video Diaries

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Video: Watch a clip from the show HERE