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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artie Lange: Jack and Coke DVD Review

Artie Lange: Jack and Coke DVD Review

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Synopsis: As raw and offensive as ever, Artie Lange returns to his roots in Jack and Coke, shot at one of his favorite clubs in his beloved New York City. One of America's funniest stand-up comedians, Lange's irreverent, uncensored humor gets huge laughs from this NYC crowd. The culmination of nearly four years of touring, Jack and Coke includes nearly an hour and a half of insanely honest, hilarious material.

Review: We love Artie.  Ever since Dirty Work we've been interested in what he was up to, and when he became a Stern regular we started getting a good, steady dose of his humor.  Stand-up specials are hit and miss, but this one was spot-on.  Its honestly a collection of a lot of jokes you may have heard previously if you follow Artie much.  It kinda felt like a greatest hits.  Waaaah! (Lange humor)

Jack and Coke was laugh out loud funny.  What more can you ask of a comedy special?  We're very picky around the Legion offices when it comes to comedians.  We get into Eddie Izzard and Ricky Gervais a lot.  Artie is another end of the spectrum..he's the everyman's comic.  We definately recommend picking this one up.

I can't get through this review without mentioning what has recently happened with Artie.  I'm a long-time Howard Stern fact I'm listening now as I write this review!  Its well-known to Stern fans that Artie has battled his demons in the form of drugs for many years, but recently Artie made a rather brutal attempt on his own life.  I'd like to take a moment to say that we wish Artie and his family well and we hope that he recovers and finds the peace that he needs in life.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars