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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kyle XY: the third and final season DVD Review!

Kyle XY: the third and final season DVD Review!

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Synopsis: Action, mystery and suspense reach an all-new level in ten stunning original episodes of Kyle XY. Go to the next stage as Kyle (Matt Dallas) and Jessi (Jaimie Alexander) begin to work as a team and uncover the secrets of their origin. Kyle’s world is turned upside-down when his powers suddenly disappear, and he’s in for another surprise when Amanda (Kirsten Prout) comes home with an unexpected question. As one woman in Kyle’s life arrives, another must say goodbye – though Jessi assures him they will always be connected. Meanwhile, the prom is fast approaching, and Kyle wants his night with Amanda to be perfect. After a dance neither of them will ever forget, Kyle comes face-to-face with the ultimate mystery. Experience every twist and turn on three discs, including never-before-seen bonus features. You don’t know the whole story until you’ve seen Kyle XY: The Complete Third and Final Season.

Review: I had heard of Kyle XY in passing over the years.  When it first came out we were sent some press releases and such, but I never really gave it a chance.  It just looked too teen oriented for me.  I already watch Smallville, thats enough youthful angst, I figure.   So, when we came upon this DVD I decided to give it a good chance, because honestly most of my favorite shows keep getting cancelled and I need new ones!

Its been referred to as Smallville meets Dawson's Creek and I really found that to be the case.  The relationships in this world take the first chair, and after that comes the sci-fi elements.  This caught me by surprise, because Smallville has really balanced the two very well and this show is definately more love drama than action/sci-fi.  Its still a cool show and definately worth checking out, but don't expect straight sci-fi.

The bonus features on the DVD include Kyle XY: Future Revealed – A look at what would have happened in Season 4, Deleted Scenes and Audio Commentaries.  This DVD set is your chance to wrap-up this cool show and complete your collection!  We even get a look into what would have happened with this series if Fox had graced it with a fourth season.  Honestly, on Fox it was lucky to get three, they're so cancel-happy (we still miss the Sarah Connor Chronicles!).  The story could have been more involved and the acting isn't always top shelf, but this is a cool show and worth getting into.

Video: Click HERE to view the trailer

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars