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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chanel, Chanel Documentary DVD Review

Chanel, Chanel Documentary DVD Review

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Synopsis: Chanel more than just one of the world's most successful fashion labels, also the name of a woman who led a fascinating life. This Paris designer banished the corset from women's fashion, created the bouclé suit and the famous little black dress, and made costume jewellery socially acceptable. Her elegant but comfortable clothing stressed the new-won freedoms of 1920's women; her perfume made ladies irresistible. Chanel's head designer Karl Lagerfeld explains why her simple style is still today an inspiration. Unique shots and designs from the archives reveal Coco Chanel's passion both for fashion and for life.

Review: I had only a basic understanding of who CoCo Chanel was when I went into this documentary.  I had no idea how absolute her influence on the fashion world truly was.  Thats the beautiful thing about a documentary like this.  We learn how she grew up in a peseant village and was abandoned by her father after her mother's death.  In the orphanage they already recognized her talent in sewing.

When CoCo came into the scene women were these extentions of their husbands.  Their fashion had no consideration for the women wearing them.  They deformed their bodies and bent them in horrible ways.  Chanel devoted herself towards fashions that could actually be worn with some comfort and still display elegance and beauty.

The footage that they've compiled is all very grainy and dated.  It really adds to the feel of the documentary.  We get old interviews with Chanel, with others in the industry and a plethora of vintage black and white photographs. The narration by Diana Quick is smooth and pleasing to the ear.  Her british accent goes along perfectly with the european feel of the piece.  The only real downside to the release is a lack of extras, but its a very solid documentary and is well worth the watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars