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Friday, December 11, 2009

Better Off Ted: Season One DVD Review

Better Off Ted: Season One DVD Review

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Synopsis: As head of research and development at Veridian Dynamics, good guy Ted Crisp (Harrington) leads a quirky team of the world’s smartest scientists on a mission to make the impossible possible. From cow-less meat to deadly pumpkins, no project is too bizarre, or too unethical, as long as it’s profitable. Working to appease his beautiful boss (DeRossi), Ted struggles occasionally with his conscience — and his attraction to a comely co-worker (Anders) — but it’s all in a day’s work when you’re Better Off Ted.

Review: Comedy on television is sketchy. Thats not meant to be a pun, its honestly really difficult for me to find a show to legitimately laugh at. Every once in awhile a show like Friends The Office or Scrubs comes along that really makes me laugh out loud, but usually its predictable and required scripted hilarity. Situational comedies with quirky families and the same old drivel. Better off Ted continues the tradition of the above stated shows by breaking brave new ground in the comedy realm. Its no surprise to me that this show has been so critically aclaimed. ....its frickin' hilarious. Thats right, I said frickin'!

There are a lot of shows that lack chemistry...Better off Ted does not have this issue.  The chemistry between the cast is fantastic and the narration from Ted as he talks directly to us in the audience is priceless.  I own a lot of TV on DVD and I won't lie, I don't watch most of it on a regular basis.  This is one of those shows that will go into our regular rotation of shows to watch again and again.  Its definately worth owning on DVD.  The set doesn't offer much for extras, but the episodes are solid.  You need to get caught up for season two, so pick this one up today.

Special Features

Disc One
o Pilot
o Heroes
o Through Rose Colored Hazmat Suits
o Racial Sensitivity
o Win Some. Dose Some.
oGoodbye Mr. Chips
Disc Two
o Get Happy
o You Are The Boss of Me
o Bioshuffle
o Secrets and Lives
o Jabberwocky
o Trust and Consequences
o Father Can You Hair Me?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars