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Friday, November 13, 2009

Logan’s Run Blu-Ray Review

Logan’s Run Blu-Ray Review

You can purchase this sci-fi classic on blu-ray today!

Synopsis: In the year of the City 2274, humans live in a vast, bubbled metropolis, where computerized servo-mechanisms provide all needs so everyone can pursue endless hedonism. Endless, that is, until Lastday, when anyone who’s 30 must submit to Carousel, a soaring, spinning trip to eterinity and supposed rebirth.

The screen’s first use of laser holography highlights this post-apocalyptic winner of a Special Achievement Academy Award for Visual Effects. Michael York plays Logan 5, a Sandman authorized to terminate runners fleeing Carousel. Logan is almost 30. Catch him if you can.

Review: Logan’s Run exists in the sci-fi world that was around prior to Star Wars, which came out one year later. Star Wars is maybe the worst thing to ever happen to every other 1970s sci-fi film. It completely renovated the genre and gave it a legitimacy that the previous films couldn’t live up to. The story behind this film is very interesting and its a great script, but it can be a little difficult to watch at times, especially if you didn’t see it originally in the 1970s.

The transfer over to 1080p is a tricky one for older film. Logan’s Run was filmed in Todd-AO 35, rather than 65mm as touted. The overall picture quality is better than the DVD release and the colors pop a bit, but you cannot escape the grain involved in this film, and mostly due to the way it was done it definately doesn’t pop on the screen. The blu-ray is an improvement though, which is more than I can say for some releases (like Ghostbusters).

The special features on this blu-ray release include: Commentary by Michael York, Director Bill Anderson and Costume Designer Bill Thomas, Vintage Featurette ‘A Look Into the 23rd Century’ and the original theatrical trailer. They’re all solid features, though recycled from the 1998 DVD release of the film. I recommend this one.

Rating: 4 Stars