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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ancient Lives Documentary DVD Review

Ancient Lives Documentary DVD Review

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Synopsis: Unlocking the mysteries of DAILY LIFE in ANCIENT EGYPT.  How did ordinary Egyptians live in the time of the pharaohs? Renowned British Egyptologist John Romer explores the ruins of an ancient village just outside Thebes, where generations of craftsmen and artists built and decorated royal tombs. There, relics reveal the most intimate details of the people’s daily lives: their meals, their loves, their quarrels, and even their dreams.
Go inside the pharaohs’ most magnificent tombs and see astonishing art and priceless treasures. Meet the scribes, stonemasons, and high priests who presided over this city of the dead. Learn the secrets of the tomb raiders and the tricks devised to thwart them. This four-part series provides fascinating insights into a civilization now lost to the ages.
As seen on public television.

-Pharaohs’ Liquid Gold, the quest to recreate ancient Egyptian beer

-16-page viewer’s guide with maps, The Life of a Scribe, a history of Egyptian script, The Making of Ancient Lives by John Romer, and more.

-Who’s Who among Egyptian Deities

-Real-Life Indiana Joneses: Archaeologists of Ancient Egypt
One of the world’s foremost archaeologists, John Romer led the Brooklyn Museum’s expedition to excavate the tomb of Ramesses XI. Since 1979, he has served as president of the Theban Foundation, an organization for the preservation of Egyptian royal tombs.

Review: What is so amazing about the documentaries that Athena produces is that they're not just educational, they're accessible and fun.  I've always loved documentary, but even I can remember being dreadfully bored in school with the drab and dull documentaries that they would show us. 

What makes this DVD set so special?  Why ANOTHER documentary about Egypt?  This is what blew my mind...this set has nothing to do with pharaohs or gods.  It has nothing to do with the high-society.  This documentary series focuses on the workers, the scribes, the craftsmen.  It actually deals with the real Egyptian culture.  Imagine for a moment if in 3,000 years they look back at our culture and only focus on the rich and powerful...does that really represent what we're about?  Does that give you any insight into the real culture of the world?  Absolutely not.  For once we get a real look into life in ancient Egypt.  Its absolutely fascinating.

While the workers carved stories about the pharaohs, they also carved about their own lives.  Their hopes and dreams..who they loved, who they hated.  This set is over 200 minutes of amazing insight into ancient life.  Its amazing how little it differs from modern life in so many ways.  We can learn so much by looking to the past.  This DVD set would be ideal for anyone that homeschools.  I also recommend it for teachers.  This should be presented to your school boards for use in the classroom.  If you're into Egypt or just documentaries in general, you will love this one.  Not a dull moment!

Rating: A Strong 5 out of 5 Stars!