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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bleach Volume 21 DVD Review!

Bleach Volume 21 DVD Review!

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Synopsis: Rukia becomes possessed by a doll placed in her chest by one of the Bounts and attacks her friends! Orihime desperately tries to protect herself and the others without harming her dear friend. But when Rukia’s full Soul Reaper powers are drawn out in the battle, Orihime must make a painful choice

Review: Bleach Volume 21 is jam-packed with action.  Bleach is one of those shows that started off very simple and has become very complex.  This volume is probably 90-95% action and very little plot development.  Which honestly, is fine by me.  I enjoy seeing things progress, but having so many intricate and well-developed animated fight sequences is impressive.

The video transfer and audio are both clean and clear.  The discs don’t really include extras, but its a solid 100 minutes of episodes to add to your collection.  If you’re into anime at all, you are probably into Bleach.  Its become one of the modern staples.  If you collect/watch anime, we definately recommend picking this one up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars