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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pokemon All-Stars Collection 2 DVD Review

Pokemon All-Stars Collection 2 DVD Review

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Synopsis: Following the Pokemon 10th Anniversary celebration set, the Pokemon All Stars will have the next ten DVD releases commemorating top Pokemon characters. Each disc showcases a single character with three classic episodes featuring their adventures.

Contains Pokemon All-Stars volumes 11-20:

Review: Here at DVD Legion..we love Pokemon.  We’ve been watching Pokemon faithfully since it premiered in the United States back in 1998.    The show has constantly evolved and continued its storyline, even while following a very similar formula.

I’ve tried to keep up with the many, many DVD releases of the many, many incarnations of the show over the years.  Its been difficult.   Not only to keep track of what is out there, but to financially keep up with it all.  My kids now love Pokemon too, and I wanted something great for them to watch.   These All-Star collections are perfect.  They give about three episodes spotlighting a specific Pokemon.  This set has ten discs in all, thats 30 episodes!  Viz really did a great job of compiling all of these volumes into one affordable set.

This release is fantastic for kids looking to have a nice variety of Pokemon to experience.  The adult fans can really enjoy this set also, especially if you have a hard time keeping up with all the various releases out there.  This is a ton of episodes in one place that are fun to watch and span a good variety of characters.  This one is a must-have.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Monday, August 03, 2009

The DC Vault Book Review


The DC Vault: A Museum-in-a-Book with Rare Collectibles from the DC Universe by Running Press

Written by Martin Pasko

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Synopsis:  In 1935, popular culture was forever transformed when DC Comics published the first book of “all new, all original” comic material. To the delight of millions of readers everywhere, the modern comic book was born, and from its pages came leaping an exhilarating cast of characters.

Now The DC Vault unlocks DC Comics’ most fascinating secrets and deeply buried treasures, presenting a colorful array of historic and never-before-published memorabilia, including early sketches, covers, memos, press materials, and much more. From a working reproduction of a 1942 Junior Justice Society of America decoder, to a series of Public Service Announcements starring Superman and Batman, to the original pencils and inks for Wonder Woman #63, this dazzling chronicle contains more than 25 plastic-encased archival pieces for readers to pull out and examine—all while learning about the artists, writers, and world-famous super heroes that make up the DC Universe. Whether you’ve been collecting Superman comics since the ’40s or have just discovered the amazing Sandman saga, you’ll revel in this vibrant treasury!

Review: Nothing is quite so magical as history.  It shows us where we’ve been and where we have yet to go.  With the DC Vault book Running Press has provided DC Comics fans with a classy and worthwhile representation of Dc history.

The trip through history is made ever so fun with props, postcards and cut outs from the past decades of Dc Comics history.  Many of these are items you’d never otherwise see, and the book is full of tidbits and stories from the eras gone by.   The golden and silver ages of comics are something that fans treasure and this book is an essential for any serious comic book fan.

This set is so magnificent that you’ll want to leave it on the coffee table as a discussion piece.  Beware of your children, though!  The fun colors, images and cut outs in the book will serve as a tempting target for trouble!   Keep this one on a high shelf and resist the temptation to let your children play with it…unless you can afford to buy two copies!

Rating: 5 out of 5 bats!

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