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Monday, February 02, 2009

Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 6 DVD

Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 6 DVD
Available to own on DVD Tuesday, February 3, 2009!

Synopsis: In this volume of Tom and Jerry Tales, Tom and Jerry’s unending pursuit takes them around the world from Africa to Australia and on. The duo also learns some valuable lessons about history, including an episode where Tom inadvertently turns the Declaration of Independence into a paper airplane and an episode where Jerry has a role in the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk. Tom and Jerry are also involved in a number of musical adventures that are anything but harmonious -- Jerry sabotages Tom’s efforts to win a Flamenco dance contest and Tom tries to avert his girlfriend’s attention from Jerry by singing the blues. Three very cool episodes on this DVD are entirely devoted to the theme of snow and ice. The duo confronts each other on a frozen pond where Jerry wants to skate but Tom plans to play hockey. Tom and Jerry also engage in an all-out snowball battle and later on, find themselves face-to-face with the giant abominable snowmouse.

About the DVD: Tom and Jerry Tales: Volume 6 offers 15 animated shorts including Declaration of Independunce, Kitty Kawked, 24 Karat Kat, When the Snowing Gets Tough, The Abominable Snowmouse, Hockey Schtick, Kitty Cat Blues, Flamenco Fiasco, DJ Jerry, You’re Lion, Kangadoofus, Monkey Chow, Babysitting Blues, Catfish Folly, and Game of Mouse and Cat. Tom and Jerry Tales originally premiered on Kids’ WB in September 2006 and features characters from the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons in newly created shorts, which audiences have not seen done in 30 years.

Review: What does one say about Tom and Jerry? Its amazing to see timeless characters like these brought back again for young audiences. In a time where shows like Sponge Bob rule the playgrounds, its nice to see the classics making comeback.

This DVD includes 15 different new animated shorts. I found them to be enjoyable and full of life, just like the classic epsiodes. My children have fallen head over heels for Tom & Jerry now, and they're ages 6 and 4. Not only have they had hours of fun watching the DVD, but they haven't re-enacted even one of the physical bits that Tom and Jerry get involved in. Who says that TV controls children's behavior? This is good, clean fun for kids of all ages!

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