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Friday, October 10, 2008

Silverhawks Volume One DVD Review!

Silverhawks Volume One DVD Review!

Buy the 4-disc set on October 14, 2008
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Review: The Silverhawks, produced back in 1986. This series was produced during what we children of the 80s call the heyday of animation. The studio pitched Thundercats and was immediately given a green light for Silverhawks as well. The show was so much fun, and the toys were the best. Kenner had produced some amazing product that kept many of us kids entertained for hours on end.

This DVD set is one of two releases. The next has not yet been announced. The DVD packaging is fantastic. It includes a nice, metallic slipcase, perfect for the subject matter.

The extras are fun. The Remembering the Silverhawks documentary is informative and full of behind the scenes tidbits about the show, its inception and intense relationship with Kenner toys.

I recommend this DVD set for anyone that watched this show. If you didn't get to see it then, watch it now! The amazing power of DVD, lol!

This 4-disc DVD set includes 32 of the 65 produced Silverhawks episodes. The Episodes on this volume include:

1. The Origin Story
2. Journey To Limbo
3. The Planet Eater
4. Save the Sun
5. Stop Timestopper
6. Darkbird
7. The Backroom
8. The Threat of Dritt
9. Sky-Shadow
10. Magnetic Attraction
11. Gold Shield
12. Zero the Memory Thief
13. The Milk Run
14. The Hardware Trap, Part 1
15. The Hardware Trap, Part 2
16. Race Against Time
17. Operation Big Freeze
18. The Ghost Ship
19. The Great Galaxy Race
20. Fantascreen
21. Hotwing Hits Limbo
22. The Bounty Hunter
23. Zeek's Fumble
24. The Fighting Hawks
25. The Rengade Hero
26. One on One
27. No More Mr. Nice Guy
28. Music of the Spheres
29. Limbo Gold Rush
30. Countdown to Zero
31. The Amber Amplifier
32. The Saviour Stone

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars