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Friday, July 11, 2008

Teen Titans - The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

Teen Titans - The Complete Fifth Season
Available to own on July 8th, 2008
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Synopsis: WHV will also release Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season which currently airs on the Cartoon Network. Robin, Starfire and Raven square off with Brain, and his ultimate team of villains in The Brotherhood of Evil. Some Titans will be lost along the way as the vendetta escalates into a global war, and the teen phenoms must rely on Beast Boy to bring them to victory as he performs his most amazing transformation yet. This action packed 2-disc collection contains thirteen episodes and special features highlighting a motley crew of scoundrels and crooks including:Teen Titans: Friend and Foes - The fifth season of Teen Titans finds our heroes in a worldwide membership drive recruiting new allies to combat the growing Brotherhood of Evil. In order to prepare for the final battle, all new character files for the Titans database have been created. The vignettes include: 1.) Control Freak 2.) Bob & The Source 3.) Billy Numerous 4.) Mother Mae-Eye 5.) Trigon

Review: The Teen Titans cartoon was a seminole work in the timeline of DC Animation. It sparked a more modern sensibility that produced shows like 'The Batman'. It also helped kids gain interest in lesser known DC Comics characters which, to me, is highly valuable. This final season of the show definately didn't disappoint this fan. The DVD is great, its right on par with the rest of the previous season releases. The extras on the DVD are nothing to write home about, but for the pricepoint (around $15) you really can't beat getting an entire season of a hit show. This is the final season and a must have for any batman, dc comics, or just animation fan!
Rating: 3 out of 5 bats!