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Monday, July 07, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight 2 disc Special Edition DVD Review

Batman: Gotham Knight DVD (2 disc Special Edition)
Available to own on DVD Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Synopsis: Acclaimed screenwriters including David Goyer (Batman Begins) Josh Olson (A History of Violence) and Alan Burnett (Batman The Animated Series) join forces with revered animation filmmakers on six spellbinding chapters chronicling Batman?s transition from novice crimefighter to Dark Knight. These globe-spanning adventures pit Batman against the fearsome Scarecrow the freakish Killer Croc and the unerring marksman Deadshot. Using an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry from Wayne Industries Batman?s ethical boundaries exist only where he chooses to place them leaving some fearful of his power. The sharp storytelling complemented by stylish art from some of the world?s most visionary animators masterfully depicts the blurred lines of Batman as man myth and legend.Running Time: 75 min

Review: I was greatly anticipating this DVD, as were many bat-fans. The idea of Batman having the freedom to be more violent and dark was most certainly appealing, however, the execution just wasn't there on this collection of short stories. I wanted to love this one...really, I did, but it left me wanting for so much more. So much different, in fact, that I really have no interest in giving it a second viewing. Does it deserve a first viewing? Perhaps, but its certainly not essential to view. Its a great piece for collectors and Batman nuts (such as myself), but its just not what it was hyped to be. Batman does a lot of bleeding, you can tell that they were very pleased with themselves for being able to show some blood. Oh, and he hangs out in sewers alot. I don't know why..but apparently he likes it down there..its very dark..and he's very bloody. Thats about all I took from this feature. Kevin Conroy reprises the voice role that he made famous and I can honestly say that is the only reason I didn't regret watching this. Conroy is amazing, the essence of Batman...he IS Batman. For that reason, I will recommend this to serious fans (but serious fans only).
Rating: 2 out of 5 bats!

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