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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

LoG and Batman LEGO

As many of you know, LEGO recently announced that they had the license to make Batman product.
VERY exciting for collectors.

Well, as the webmaster of Legions Of Gotham, I was asked by Lego corporate to represent Batman fans at a meeting at their Connecticut headquarters. A huge honor, and one that I did not take lightly! Unfortunately, work did not allow for me to leave on short notice, so I chose one of my top staff members and friend Reideen1313 to represent us all. He has a long history in comics and collecting, and was the best choice.
He has chronicled part of his time there on our forum if you want to check it out

Not much info on the actual product details..but perhaps some confidence that, not only does LEGO recognize our fan community, but they care about what we want as collectors.