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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Our Exclusive Interview with Adam West!

Interview originally posted on: Jan 9th, 2004

Here it is folks..our very first talkback with the original (as far as we're concerned) Batman!

The dynamic & hilarious Mr. Adam West


LoG: As revealed in "Return To The Batcave", your main competition for the role of Batman was Lyle Waggoner, were you worried about losing the role to him? Did you have any idea how significant the role would become?

Adam West: They actually had signed me the first day I talked to them, because they had seen a series of Nestle Quick commercials in which I spoofed James Bond. So 20th Century Fox and Greenway Productions tested Lyle and others to appease the suits at ABC, but they had already decided on me. Kind of a little casting trick.


LoG: New generations of kids are constantly introduced to Batman by re-runs of your show. How does it make you feel to know that you're still influencing entire generations towards the Batman franchise?

Adam West: I don’t really think about it. I’m just gratefull for having the chance to do it – my way. Of course it’s a ‘feel-good’ to realize that one has made a lasting contribution and effect of pleasure for generations to come. Kids are the hope of the world, lets try to keep them happy and adjusted with the right kind of education and entertainment.


LoG: Were you a fan of Batman prior to the show?

Adam West: As a kid, I’d read the comic books. Consequently when I first pulled on the cape and cowl, I’d had flash-backs to running through the house in my blue bathtowel/cape. So, it was really deja vu time when we began to film.


LoG: do you miss most about the Batman show?

Adam West: The absurd and funny situations that happened while filming. I never had so many good laughs in my life. All our people were terrific.


LoG: We've all greatly enjoyed you on Drew Carey, the Simpsons and Family Guy. Out of all your non-Batman roles, which is your favorite?

Adam West: I have no favorite. Each one has a different challenge. Just send the check.


LoG: It has to be asked....who does Adam West prefer: Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, or Lee Meriwether?

Adam West: I worked more with Julie, however I loved them all. They were talented and gorgeous.


LoG: Who is your favorite Bat-Villian?

Adam West: Probably the Riddler in the first episode. Of course, Catwoman, for reasons you might imagine. After that, Penguin and Joker. Hard to decide.


LoG: Fans would have loved to see Warner Bros cast you in a role in the Batman feature films of the 90's, such as mayor. Would you have accepted such a role?

Adam West: I doubt it. I’ve done my thing. Maybe if it were as ‘Uncle Batman’.


LoG: Do you currently collect any Batman toys / merchandise?

Adam West: Many people send me all sorts of Batman-related stuff, most of which I have all over my office.


LoG: What projects are you currently working on? Any plans for future books?

Adam West: I have 2 new movies and several voice-overs. Also, a new book on the way and has been redesigned and is growing every day.

Mr. West also had these kind words to say about the Legions Of Gotham website:
“Comprehensive and engaging-just about anything and everything out there.” –Da Big Bat


That's all for now folks! A HUGE thanks to Mr. West for taking the time to talk with us, and to the Batclerk for hooking us up!

Watch for upcoming news with Mr. West, and for this interview to be posted as his official site,!

Our next bat-celeb interview from the classic 60s show....Yvonne Craig, also known as Batgirl!

Until next.....same Bat-Time.......same Bat-Channel!

(you knew that was coming didn't you?