Batman Links

This is a listing of Batman related websites for further fan fun and research.  If you would like to submit your site for a link here, or you have a favorite Bat-site that isn't listed, please feel free to contact us.

 Official Batman sites
 :: Dc Comics 
:: Dc Comics Batman Subsite
 :: Kids WB - The Batman 
:: The Four Horsemen Official site
 :: Mattel's Offical collector's site
 :: The Dark Knight Official movie site
 :: The Dark Knight Rises Official movie site
 :: Batman Live World Arena Tour

Comic Book News Sites
 :: Comic Book Resources
 :: Newsarama

 Batman Merchandise
 :: Batman Posters at Barewalls
Batman Cartoon sites

 :: The World's Fines
 :: Will's Ultimate Super Friends Episode Guide!

Batman 1960s sites

 :: Adam West's Official Site:: 1966 BatFan

Other Bat-Fun
 :: Batman T-Shirts 
:: Realm of the Bat 
:: Dutch Batman News Blog 
:: Dutch Batman Fansite

Other Dc Character Fansites

 :: World Of SuperHeroes (cool super hero news site) 
:: Experience the Wonder (a GREAT Wonder Woman collector's site!
):: Superhero Universe!

Websites We Enjoy

 :: Geeks Of Doom
 :: SuperHero Hype
 :: TvShowsOnDVD.Com