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Everyone has a responsibility to help preserve the environment and conserve energy. Consuming fewer resources helps ensure that
they last longer and spread further for more people to use them. Consuming less also helps save money in many cases. Make
conservation and going green a family project.

Conservation for Kids

Learning about conservation during childhood positions kids to grow up with a focus on saving energy and preserving the environment.
Kids can be effective stewards of the environment when they learn about renewable energy such as wind and sun instead of using
fossil fuels such as coal. Many communities offer ways for children to get involved with conservation. Kids who prioritize
conservation can teach these lessons to others.

AEC Consultants Resource List - A group of consulting engineers offers an extensive list of resources about conservation and
renewable energy.
Alternative Energy - Explore a wide variety of alternative energy resources with information provided on this website.
Change for Global Change- Education - Change for Global Change has compiled a list of resources about water conservation and other
ways to go green.
Tips for Conserving with Home Improvement and More - The City of Visalia offers helpful tips for conserving energy, many of which
cost little to no money.
CPV Educates - Many people think they have a good handle on energy, yet when quizzed, people can't answer questions correctly.
Earth Day - On Earth Day, families can look for ways to learn about environmental conservation as well as methods of implementing
conservation in everyday life.
Eco-Friendly Real Estate - A local real estate agent focuses his sales on green home listings to meet the needs of consumers.
MN Energy Challenge - Meet Tolby! - Tolby is a character designed to help kids remember to turn off lights they aren't using.

Going Green

While going green has important benefits for the environment, a green lifestyle can also be a positive challenge for a family. Everyone
can be involved with recycling efforts, collecting items for pick-up by a local community. Repurposing items to use them in different
ways instead of throwing them away is both economical and green. Saving water can be an activity for people of any age.

Fun Recycling Links - The Green Team of Carbon County has compiled entertaining and educational recycling links for kids.
Healthy Auburn Waters - Take the pledge to do your part to conserve water. You can earn a certificate and some other fun prizes for
Green Earth and Conservation - Landstown Middle School has created a resource list with websites about conservation and going
Learning Links - Explore the learning links provided by Epsom Normal Primary School to learn about various subjects.
Green Lifestyle and Home Repair - Articles linked on this web page offer information about environmental conservation and going

Resource Links

Many homeowners choose to do home improvement projects to improve energy efficiency. Replacing old appliances for newer and
more efficient ones is a common project. Consumers might replace old windows and doors to prevent air exchange. Adding insulation
and even adding features such as solar panels can be helpful for making a home more energy efficient and green.

Home Improvement: DIY or Leave It to the Pros? - Knowing when to call in a professional or fix a problem yourself is an important
distinction for any homeowner.
The True Cost of Owning a Home with Home Repair is Rising Relentlessly - Homeowners face a variety of costs after buying a
house, including taxes and home repairs.
Home Improvement and Garden Information - The Cass County Public Library shares websites about home and garden for patrons.
Green Energy Tax Credits for Home Improvement and Energy Efficiency - You might qualify for a green energy tax credit after
completing a home improvement project to enhance energy efficiency.
Our Next Home Improvement Project - Some homeowners manage renovation expenses with a home equity loan.
When It Comes to Home Repair Do You Fix It or Risk It? - If you try to fix a problem in your home, you risk making the issue worse
if you make a mistake.
-Utah Couple Remodels Homes in New Show 'Old Home Love' - A Utah couple chronicles their home renovation projects in a new
television show.
-Renovation Projects - Columbia University shares information about recent renovation projects.
-The Museum of Weird Consumer Culture -Home Improvement Photo Gallery - Explore home improvement projects in this informative
photo gallery.
-Renovation and Expansion - The University of Oregon shares recent renovation work of its Erb Memorial Union.
-Construction Programs - Lorain County Community College offers construction programs to students.
-The Value of Home Improvements - Figuring the overall value of a home improvement project is an important factor to consider
before proceeding with work.
-Home Improvement Fact Sheet - The New York Attorney General shares a home improvement fact sheet to assist consumers.
-New Jersey Green Home Remodeling Guidelines - New Jersey residents can utilize a green home remodeling guideline book as they
plan home improvement projects.
-Renovation Services - Explore the Facilities Management division of the University of Arizona.
-Home Maintenance and Repair: Minor Home Improvements - Pima Community College offers a home maintenance and repair
certification program for students.
-Household Hints and Help - An extension educator with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers household hints for home
-Home Remodeling for Disability and Special Needs: What You Need to Know - When renovating a home to help someone with a
disability, follow general guidelines to ensure success.
-Home Improvements and Repairs - Before hiring a contractor for home improvements, check licensing and references carefully.
-Students Compete at Home Improvement Show - Gateway Technical College students recently competed at a home improvement
-Renovation Information - Review recent renovations that occurred at Thomas Jefferson High School.
-Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services - The Department of Veterans Affairs shares information about home improvements that can
make life easier for disabled veterans.
-Home Improvement Basics--Do It Yourself - Take a course on home improvement so you can perform some of your own work to
your house.
-Home Improvement Basics - CCAC offers shop courses in home improvements for students.
-The Rise of the Home Improvement Industry - Explore changes that have occurred in the home improvement industry in this book.
Kids Conservation and Going Greed Guide