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Justice League Unlimited Episode Guide
1. Initiation
The League expands their operations, enlisting new recruits across the globe. The newest of these is Green Arrow, who has repeatedly refused to respond to invitations
to join the League. He is therefore pulled to the Watchtower by teleport. Opting against joining, he hitches a ride back to Earth with the team of Green Lantern,
Captain Atom and Supergirl, who have been sent on a mission to stop a giant, uncontrolled, nuclear-power machine in what appears to be North Korea. Supergirl
learns about the value of having a solid mission plan, while Green Arrow is given the opportunity to see how his brand of heroism can be of use to the Justice League.
This episode also features cameos from over 30 other heroes, many of whom would be featured in subsequent episodes. Most notably, Green Arrow's decision to join
the League is shown to be influenced by catching his first glimpse of Black Canary

2. For the Man Who Has Everything
Batman and Wonder Woman find Superman held captive by Mongul in the Fortress of Solitude and dreaming of an idyllic life on Krypton, courtesy of a wish-fulfilling
parasitic plant known as the Black Mercy (based on the popular story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons from Superman Annual #11 in 1985). This also marks the first,
and only appearance by Joe Chill in the DCAU.

3. Kid Stuff
Morgaine le Fey transforms Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern into 8-year-olds after Mordred uses his magic to remove all adults from Earth. Lots
of comic relief in this episode comes from Wonder Girl having a crush on Batboy, who simply acts like a smaller version of his adult self. Based loosely on elements of
the DC Comics events JLA: World Without Grown Ups and Young Justice: Sins of Youth.

4. Hawk and Dove
Wonder Woman teams up with two super powered brothers, Hawk and Dove, to stop Ares' plans to escalate a European civil war by loosing a war machine called the
Annihilator into the fray. As a nod to their earlier roles as brothers on The Wonder Years, the two brothers were voiced by Fred Savage (Hank/Hawk) and Jason Hervey
(Don/Dove), though at the last second Savage and Hervey switched roles.

5. This Little Piggy
The centuries-old enchantress Circe transforms Wonder Woman into a pig as revenge against Diana's mother. Batman and Zatanna work together to return her to
normal. It contains the famous scene of Batman singing the standard "Am I Blue?" written by Grant Clarke and Harry Akst, to a nightclub audience. This episode also
makes very clear the concept of Wonder Woman and Batman having romantic interests in one another. Actress/singer Rachel York also performed the song Lulu's Back
In Town by Al Dubin and Harry Warren on this episode

6. Fearful Symmetry
Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Question investigate Supergirl's disturbing dreams. They discover that Cadmus created a clone of Supergirl named Galatea while she
was recovering from her fight against Superman on Earth. Galatea's design is seemingly similar to the superheroine Power Girl, Earth 2's Kara Zor-El.

7. The Greatest Story Never Told
The Justice League battle Mordru in the background, while the narrative follows Booster Gold as he attempts to close a walking black hole while he's supposed to be
on "crowd control".

8. The Return
The full power of the newly-expanded League is unleashed for the first time while trying to keep Ivo's android Amazo from reaching his goal: vengeance against the
recently-reformed Lex Luthor. Luthor and the Atom attempt to create a weapon to neutralize Amazo's nanotechnology, though their victory is largely assisted by Dr.

9. Ultimatum
The Justice League meets the Ultimen, a popular group of young heroes. The Ultimen discover they are the results of a government experiment in creating super
humans and only have a short time to live. In frustration and anger they strike out against the Justice League. As a nod to fans who grew up watching the Super Friends
the Ultimen are a pastiche of heroes unique to that show.

10. Dark Heart
Most of the League battles with powerful alien nanotechnology, but realize that the waves of self-replicating robots cannot be simply destroyed. The diminutive Atom
shrinks himself to stop the robots from the inside.

11. Wake the Dead
A trio of college kids accidentally resurrect Solomon Grundy, reviving him more powerful than ever but with no memories of his past. Dr. Fate, Amazo, Aquaman, and
Shayera assist League regulars stopping his rampage. This episode marks the return of Shayera Hol to the Justice League, and features the same Defenders homage
team as "The Terror Beyond".

12. The Once and a Future Thing, Part 1: Weird Tales
Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern chase Chronos to the past, where they team up with some of the greatest DC heroes of the Old West. After defeating
stolen future tech in that era, they again follow Chronos to the future. Warhawk from the Batman Beyond era is revealed to be Green Lantern and Hawkgirl's son. Guest
starring: Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, El Diablo, and other DC Characters from the Old West. This episode also teases with the idea of Wonder Woman and Batman having a

13. The Once and a Future Thing, Part 2: Time Warped
Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman chase Chronos into the future Gotham City of Batman Beyond, just in time to face a battle with a group of Jokerz beside
that era's Justice League. The time travelers are taken to the Justice League Unlimited refuge. An older Bruce Wayne reveals the street gang they fought together was
enhanced by Chronos who lead them to kill the rest of the League of that era. The combined heroes defeat the retooled Jokerz, and Batman traps Chronos in a time
loop, right before he started his first time travel. This episode has homages to Crisis On Infinite Earths and is only the only time in the DCAU in which Hal Jordan
appears as Green Lantern.
Justice League Unlimited Episodes