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You would have received a number of gifts in your life but the one you love the most will be from someone very special for you. I got the best gift from my father when I was celebrating my 10th birthday. There were a lot of birthday gifts given to me by me family members but the best of all was from my father. It was a bicycle that I still have with me. It reminds me the day when I was a kid. Roger Yen

Classic bomber jacket

Acknowledgement is a source that determines that how much other person is happy from your gift and basically it is the intention of the person rather the face value of the gift because every day is a gift by God even if you do nothing on that. This year I got promoted and on this happy occasion, my company presented luxury gifts to my family by handing over keys of a luxury apartment that I ever wished to have from my limited resource. It made me honored by the company. Karol Morell

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Classic leather bomber jacket

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Vintage leather flying jackets

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Vintage leather bomber jacket

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Vintage bomber jackets

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