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You need to realize that modern-day comic books aren't silly or goofy or fun.  They take themselves very seriously as a story-telling medium.  
Thanks to this we have dark and violent comics.  There are options out there, but you should educate yourself before allowing your child to buy a
certain title.

What is acceptable?  If your child is under 12, I would recommend only the 'Johnny DC' titles.  These include books such as Batman Strikes, Dc
Super Friends, Tiny Titans and more.  These are traditionally more fun and light-hearted.

We highly recommend staying away from most all mainstream Batman comic books unless your child is at least 14 years of age.
Its often thought that a Batman movie would be acceptable for children.  I imagine this stems from the 1960s idea that Batman is childlike and
fun.  This isn't always the case.  Take for example the first
Batman film in 1989.  This film was dark, violent and definately included situations
not acceptable for young children.  
Batman Returns in 1992 was even worse with death caused by Batman himself and some pretty sensual
situations involving by Catwoman.

Only you can decide for your children what is acceptable, but I will give the official
Legions of Gotham recommendations below for your

Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) should only be viewed by children 10 or older.  I may even consider 12 or older.  These films
include violent death, sensuality and a very dark sensibility thanks to director Tim Burton.  Older fans will really love these elements, but they
may prove disturbing for your little ones.

The only two films I would say are acceptable for most all ages are
Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997).  Even these do include
death (ie: the Riddler pushes a man tied to a chair out a window)  and some limited sensual and erotic situations.

Batman Begins (2005) and the Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) are the latest additions to the Batman film franchise.  I
would not recommend these films for any child under the age of 10.  Not only do they include some adult situations, including murder by
"heroes" like Catwoman, but they also may quite honestly bore them.  These are story-filled movies that are lower on action and are definately
geared more towards an older audience.
The Cartoons - Parent-Safe Batman Cartoons - Batman Parents Guide
There have been quite a few bat-toons out there and each provides something different.  If you have a child up to age 7 or 8 they may be most
interested in something like '
Batman: the Brave and the Bold', which currently airs on Cartoon Network.   'The Batman', which ran from
2004-2009, is also a nice option for children of all ages and even adults.   Young children may also enjoy
vintage shows like Super Friends or
the New Adventures of Batman from Filmation (all available on DVD)  These would all be appropriate by almost anyone
's standards. Villains
typically engage in simple robberies such as theft of money or jewelry such as gold or
tungsten rings.

The DC Nation is the Batman and Dc Comics related cartoon block on television today.  DC Nation airs exclusively on Cartoon Network and
shows like Green Lantern: The Animated Series, The New Teen Titans and Young Justice.  These shows are all appropriate for most
all ages, although kids under the age of 5 or 6 will likely be bored.   
Beware the Batman will premiere in Fall of 2013 and is being toned down to
include less violence by the producers at this time.

Older shows include
Batman: the Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Justice League / Justice League Unlimited.  These shows are part of
what fans call the 'Timmverse'.  They're produced by Bruce Timm, an animator that designed the noir look of the shows and has gone on to
produce the Dc Universe direct to DVD features that we will discuss next.  They can be a little dark at times, but overall are great quality shows.  
They are thought by most to best represent Batman in animated form in the way of depth of characters and storytelling.

Parents beware of the DC Universe films.  These are cartoons, yes, but they are NOT intended for children.  These can and will include blood,
cursing, death and sensual situations.  A few examples of Dc Universe titles are Superman: Doomsday,
Batman: Gotham Knight, Green
Lantern: First Flight, Wonder Woman,
Batman: Year One and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. You should consider these to be PG-13
The Comics - Parent-Safe Batman Comics - Batman Parents Guide
The Movies - Parent-Safe Batman Movies - Batman Parents Guide