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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ranking the Best Batman Video Games

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Ranking the Best Batman Video Games

Superhero franchises from the likes of DC Comics and Marvel have proven fruitful ground for games developers through the years, and the caped crusader regularly features at the top of their hitlist.

Batman is such an iconic figure, as are his merry band of support staff and enemies, that it's little wonder that the Arkham world has proven so fertile to the imaginations of software developers around the globe.

The upshot is that we, as gamers, have been able to benefit from a raft of different titles released on a variety of consoles through the years, and while some are instantly forgettable, others have proven to be a benchmark for gaming as a whole, rather than just elevating the adventures of Bruce Wayne and co. to another level.

If that has whetted your appetite for some Batman based gaming, here's a countdown of the five best video games featuring everybody's favorite crime-fighting ass kicker.

Arkham Asylum

Not only is this the best Batman video game ever made, it also represents something of a landmark moment for gaming as a whole.

Of course, open-world adventures are nothing new and the genre was pioneered by the Grand Theft Auto series years before, but Arkham Asylum was the first time that a superhero was dropped into such an environment.

And the results are stunning, with Rocksteady Studios producing an authentic representation which players can navigate using our hero's plethora of gadgets and gizmos (thanks for those, Alfred).

With an exclusive script penned by long-time Batman visionary Paul Dini, Arkham Asylum is a standalone title not based on a movie, but it was still able to draw big-name voice characters and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill is on great form as ever as The Joker and the game remains an inspiration for software developers the world over; not just as a comic book crossover, but as a new generation title of the highest quality in its own right.

Lego Batman: The Video Game

Voiced by Will Arnett, there's no doubt that Batman is the standout character of the Lego Movie series.

Here he's given his own video game, in which you must guide the caped crusader and Robin to victory over The Joker and his assorted goons.

Source: Aitoff via Pixabay

But the real draw is the Lego game world, in which you can use bricks to create all manner of weird and wonderful gadgets and weapons.

It's super-fun, and a standout game in its own right.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Another run-out for the Arkham series here, and while the most recent release, Arkham Knight is the most visually stunning and completely unputdownable (that's a word, right?), it's the prequel that perhaps best captured the Batman universe.

Set on Christmas Eve, Arkham Origins delves deeper into the world of the caped crusader than ever before, giving players eight end-of-level bosses to overcome including The Joker and Bane.

Mixing stealth and close combat, you can frequent Gotham City as you wish while taking down the evil Black Mask and his cronies. An epic adventure.

Batman & The Joker Jewels

Time for something a little out of the ordinary now.

For many Batman aficionados, the world created by Christian Bale in the modern iterations was a welcome rejuvenation of the movie franchise.

But for many, it was the TV-based adventures of Adam West as our hero and the legendary Cesar Romero as The Joker that best encapsulate the comic book's tongue-in-cheek humor.

Adam West Batman 1965

Batman & The Joker Jewels brings this world to the modern gamer, but in a unique format: as a slot game available at a number of online casinos.

Match a number of symbols, from Batman and The Joker to the Batmobile and his utility belt, and you could win genuine cash prizes.

And with many online casinos offering bonus funds and free spins, it's possible to take on Gotham City's baddest eggs and make some money at the same time!

Batman: Return of the Joker

In the early 1990s, video games were slightly less immersive than they are today thanks to the latest tech wizardry.

And so titles on consoles like the NES and Sega Mega Drive tended to be quite cartoony in look and generally play from left-to-right on a scrolling screen.

It was that formula that was used to great effect in Batman: Return of the Joker, a release for the Nintendo that sat alongside the likes of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage in the genre.

It looks a tad dated these days, but the gameplay is highly rewarding and you get to man the controls of both the Batmobile and Batwing. What's not to like about that?