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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Features of Batman online game

“Batman: Arkham City” thrills for famous character lovers

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes who is loved by children and adults around the world. Considering video slots developers’ love for comic books heroes, it’s not difficult to guess that there are models dedicated to this picturesque character in online casino which exist for a long time.
First of all, the point at issue is about story that gradually reveals the whole history of prison city population, making a lot of sharp turns in its path and forcing Batman to cooperate with his worst enemies.


New Batman adventures

Wherever you live in the real world, gloomy Gotham will long remind of itself and especially of its black heart - Arkham City. Even after a 20-hour tour along its muddy streets, this criminal paradise will tempt you again and again. There you can take a look at madding crowd from the top of stone gargoyles, and then fly off, sliding through night air between town’s houses directly on enemies’ heads.

Whatever Arkham City world would be like, it no way could be a masterpiece without gameplay support, and wouldn’t appear in baccarat casinos. That is why gameplay is not lagging behind project’s artistic component and design level, it only emphasizes hero’s image. Here he is not perfect. Despite incredible training and technical equipment, Batman quickly gives way to a couple of armed opponents, even starts attacking them suddenly having huge trust in his abilities.


Features of special effects

There are many techniques, methods which are still effective - diving from the house roof right on enemies’ heads or inconspicuous descent behind their back on the rope. But now new items such as smoke bombs, which allow hiding from shooter’s eyes and the kind of stun have been added. Recharging locked doors’ mechanisms batteries is just one of its ways of application. In battle, stun gun disorients your enemies with one shot, forcing them shooting randomly in different directions, waving their arms.

Close fight is still the most powerful argument in battles with numerous enemies. Due to techniques abundance, each time battle causes only positive emotions. Corrected control makes it easier to use a variety of techniques during combat, such as pulling an enemy with spear or throwing a smoke bomb.
Admiring Gotham views from the rooftops, you will occasionally hear conversations of ordinary characters, which complement story with small unnecessary details. Someone complains about hard life in Arkham torture chambers, others want to change their gang, some people just talk about life.
As a supplement, developers give an opportunity to play as Catwoman, but not without DLC help. Pace of play increases dramatically, it is possible to climb buildings eaves, famous feline grace has been added in fights.

This is a monumental work, each element of which is made at the highest creative and technical level. Here is not just the best game, but also the best project based on comic books, and, perhaps, the best game of the year in general.