Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Remembering Yvonne Craig -- TV's 60s Batgirl

Yvonne Craig was the very first live action incarnation of the iconic character of Batgirl. She joined the 60s Batman series for its third and final season.  Her presence on the series managed to breath some new life into the series for the brief time that she was on.  

Craig did all of her own stunts on the show, including the riding of the Batgirl cycle.  She kept her secret identity as Commissioner Gordon's daughter and librarian a secret from the Caped Crusaders.

Batgirl did a great PSA for the Federal Equal Pay Law back in 1973.

Yvonne Craig passed away at the age of 78 on Monday night.  She was at rest in her home, suffering from breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver.  


Monday, August 17, 2015

NBC Developing "Powerless" Dc Comics Based TV Series

 Deadline reports that NBC is developing a comedy in the style of the Office that focuses on normal office workers dealing with things like insurance claims taken out against superheros and villains of the Dc Universe.  Batmana and Superman won't be showing up on the series, but B, C and D listers may make appearances.   The series is being created by Ben Queen, who is previously known for writing Cars 2.  The tally for Dc television series is now Gotham (FOX), Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (CW), Titans (TNT) and Supergirl (CBS).  NBC is the last network to cover, since ABC is owned by Disney...which owns Marvel.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to Julie Newmar -- The first Catwoman

Julie Newmar turns 82 today.  Newmar, our personal favorite Catwoman, played the role of the sultry villainess on the first two seasons of the 1966 Batman television series.  The role in the 66 film was filled in by Lee Meriwether (Newmar was already booked for other work at the time) and Eartha Kitt took over the duties in the final third season of the show.