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Monday, November 03, 2014

WWE: Ryback a babyface!

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When I first saw Ryback he was enjoying a 'Goldberg-esque' rip through the WWE roster, demolishing guy after guy, building his way to some great table matches with John Cena.  News came out on the dirt pages about him being too rough with other athletes and the fans, and subsequently we saw Ryback punished down to the D-list with Curtis Axel (shudder).  Now, Ryback has returned as 'the Big Guy' and the 'Feed Me More' chants are back!  His new face return couldn't come at a better time, with big faces like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan out of commission, WWE desperately needs someone besides Cena to carry the load.  Will Ryback join Team Cena for the Survivor Series Team Authority vs. Team Cena battle?  I predict yes, and that will give Team Cena a huge leg forward.  Tune into WWE RAW tonight, no doubt more Ryback squash matches are to be had.  Welcome back 'Big Guy'!