Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Rock is a Batman Fan - Twitter Chat with him today!

The Rock posted this yesterday:

Been a big and wild 2013…

Let's close it out w/ a bang and usher in 2014…with a bigger bang.

This'll be fun. ‪#‎RockTalk

Monday, December 30, 2013

Comedian Jeff Dunham Jabs at Batfleck on WWE TV Special!

Yeah, thats a mouthful, but famous ventriloquist Jeff Dunham ribbed the Ben Affleck casting in Man of Steel 2 during his set on the NBC WWE Tribute to the Troops special this past weekend!  Check out the video.

Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Batman Armory w/ Bruce and Alfred!


As a hero with many superior tech and equipment, Batman uses a specialized armory to store all of his state-of-the-art weaponries and gadgets. Now Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Batman Armory from The Dark Knight together in a set with Bruce Wayne and the firstly launched Alfred Pennyworth collectible figures.

The 1/6th scale Batman Armory is highly detailed and meticulously crafted based on its appearance in The Dark Knight featuring a Batman collectible figure with patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and four newly sculpted interchangeable expressions, and a large collection of finely sculpted weapons and accessories.

The movie-accurate Bruce Wayne collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the motion picture highlighting the newly painted head sculpt and a finely tailored costume with striking details.

The movie-accurate Alfred Pennyworth collectible is specially crafted based on the image of the renowned Academy Award winner, Sir Michael Caine, as Alfred Pennyworth in the film highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, and an impressively tailored costume.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Batman Protective iPad Case for Kids!

I saw this on Toysrus.com and thought some other batfan parents might appreciate it!

Did Batman vs. Superman put the Kabosh on a Shazam Movie?!

Curse you Batfleck!  Does your tomfoolry know no bounds?  I can hear it now, lol.  Actually, Director Peter Segal was putting together a Shazam movie, but in a recent interview with ComingSoon he said Superman being rebooted really took the steam out of it.

“Shazam has always lived this tortured life going against Superman. This dates back to the 1930s. Because Captain Marvel had similar powers to Superman, the DC folks back then sued what was the most popular comic book on the stands at that time. Years later, they bought it and it became a DC property but, as long as Superman stays hot in the market place, there seems like a little bit of a crossover between the two characters. After Bryan Singer’s ‘Superman Returns,’ it seemed like there was a moment in time where Shazam was going to see the light of day. That’s when you heard those stories. Now that Superman is being invigorated and going up against Batman, I think it’s difficult for DC to figure out how to launch this character in the wake of Superman’s resurgence”

“At its core, it’s a lot like Superman. There’s this boy trapped inside of a superhero’s body. He’s still a boy inside, so there’s this opportunity to play a lot of humor with the action. Originally, Stan Lee brought me Fantastic Four a number of years ago for that very reason. I always have the question when people bring me superhero properties, ‘Why me?’ With Stan, he said, ‘It’s because there’s a sense of humor within all Marvel characters.’ These characters are flawed and, within those flaws, there is humor. When [producer] Toby Emmerich came to me with Shazam, it was because of those same reasons. To draw from that humor and to mix it with great action and pathos. I’ve always loved Shazam, but I don’t know if it’s going to see the light of day anytime soon.”

Batman v Superman Movie RUMOR: Denzel up for Lex or Green Lantern?

Ok, this is dumb...but I'm putting it out there for you, just in case Denzel is slumming it with a Zack Snyder movie.  Denzel is reportedly up for Lex Luthor..or maybe even Green Lantern in the new Man of Steel 2, featuring Batman and Wonder Woman, lovingly referred to by us nerds as Batman vs. Superman (with Batman's name first...of course! lol).  Ok, that is all.  Back to your Sunday!

Friday, December 27, 2013

NEW Hot Wheels Batman Monster Jam Truck with Figure!

Confirmed found at Wal-Mart.  $3.88...happy hunting!

Holy Pop Culture, Batman! Adam West, Burt Ward To Attend Portland, St. Louis Comic Cons!

Nearly a half-century after its 1966 debut, the campy "Batman" TV series is an indelible part of pop culture. The "Dynamic Duo" who made that happen, Adam West and Burt Ward, return to the Wizard World tour at Portland Comic Con(Jan. 24-26) and St. Louis Comic Con(April 4-6).

West has appeared in nearly 50 movies and is today known to a whole new generation as "Mayor Adam West" on "Family Guy" and does frequent voice work. 

Ward devotes much of his time to the dog rescue organization "Gentle Giants" and is the author of Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights, with tales before, during and after his time as Robin.

See these two true American icons at two great upcoming Wizard World shows.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 1st Batman 2014 Free Comic Book Day Title Announced!


Jump on board DC Comics' epic weekly series beginning with this all-new FCBD issue that features tomorrow's Dark Knight, Batman Beyond (making his first appearance in The New 52), battling an army of cyborgs to avert an Apocalypse in the future which could destroy the DC Universe of the present! But that's not all; there are still more surprises to come. Stay tuned for more details!

Free Comic Book Day 2014 is on May 3rd!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Superman Costume Gets Tweeks for Batman vs. Superman

from Cinemovie.tv

Wilkinson is currently working on the follow up to Man of Steel and the pressure is quite high with one of the most anticipated assembly of DC Comic Book characters. He’s tasked with designing a whole new Batsuit for Ben Affleck, the new crusader taking over the role from Christian Bale, and a new look for Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot.  He tells us that he’s also “tweaking” the Superman outfit.  He lets us in on what stage the costumes are in for the start of the February 2014 shoot in Detroit.
“We are now in the stage where we’re refining our designs with the last series of camera tests and doing our final tweaks in preparation for shooting.”
Wilkinson adds that he pinches himself daily when he comes to work on Batman vs Superman because he feels honored and “tremendously excited” to be involved with a project whose iconic “characters will be seen for the next generation of filmmakers.”

Monday, December 16, 2013

Batman Holiday Candy Find

The Book of Candy can be found at Toys 'R Us stores.

Joker Snickers Commercial

Its a little terrifying with that make-up job, but its worth a chuckle. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

NEW Batman Mego Wave 2 Figures!

The Figures Toy Company is releasing wave 2 of their Mego style figures and they're fantastic!

Dark Knight Movie Masters on Clearance at Toys 'R Us

If your local Toys R' Us has the Dark Knight Movie Masters leftover, such as Harvey Dent and Joker, they are now $3 in the system.  Happy hunting!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Classic 1966 Robin Bust Coming from DST!

Batman Classic TV Series Robin Bust

Holy collectibles, Batman! DST continues their line of busts based on the Batman Classic TV Show, and this time they're making the ultimate wingman! Batman's sidekick Robin, the Boy Wonder (as played by Burt Ward) is the next 6" resin bust in the new series from DST, and is the perfect companion to Adam West's Batman. Pre-order today, because Batman's gonna need all the help he can get once the villains start to arrive! Designed by Barry Bradfield! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #JAN141926, SRP: $60)

Batman Collection Spotlight Video!

This is a new web series I'm starting featuring key pieces from my Batman collection. 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Product Spotlight: Batman: 1989 Limited Edition 2-CD Set

Product Spotlight: Batman: 1989 Limited Edition 2-CD Set


BATMAN (1989) / THE FLASH SPECIAL: Order BATMAN (1989): LIMITED EDITION (2CD-SET) now and get Shirley Walker’s THE FLASH (2CD-SET) at a special sale price of only $19.98. When ordering BATMAN (1989), you will be asked at checkout if you wish to get THE FLASH at the sale price. For a limited time.
As part of our Expanded Archival Collection, La-La Land Records presents the world premiere release of the film version of Danny Elfman’s acclaimed original score to the 1989 Warner Bros. blockbuster BATMAN, starring Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger and directed by Tim Burton. With a running time of 144 minutes, this 2-CD SET, produced by Dan Goldwasser, Neil S. Bulk and MV Gerhard, and remastered by James Nelson, features the previously unreleased film version (mix/edit) of Mr. Elfman’s score, as well as a remastered presentation of the 1989 soundtrack album and never-before-released Bonus Tracks. 20 Page CD Booklet features in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond. Limited Edition of 5000 Units
ABOUT THIS RELEASE: In order to present as much music as possible from Batman in the best possible quality, multiple sources were utilized with the best-quality elements selected for each cue on an individual basis. For disc one and the bonus cues on disc two, three sources were used: Eric Tomlinson’s 35mm 4-track mixes, 1/4 inch stereo mixes and a stereo 35mm music only track. The album cues on disc two were sourced from the original digital album master featuring Shawn Murphy’s stereo album mix.

Our Take:
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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Meet Gal Gadot..The New Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman!

Yeah.  Not happy with this casting personally.  Not one bit.  She's cute and all, but a toothpick.  Feed her a few sandwiches WB .  How do you feel fans?

Product Spotlight: Batman and Joker Lego Clocks!

Product Spotlight: Batman and Joker Lego Clocks!

These are the perfect addition to every LEGO DC Universe Super Hero collection, the d cor features a digital lighted display and alarm clock. The snooze and backlight functions are activated by pushing down on the minifigures head.

LEGO Clock 9.5 inches tall, alarm clock, snooze function, fully adjustable, LCD screen with backlight, batteries included,

Our take: I have seen these in stores for Star Wars and Ninjago in the past and I wasn't really sold on them ever and didn't pay much attention...until they released Batman and The Joker.  We got ahold of a set of these, and let me tell you they're fantastic!  Not only do they make great clocks, but they're visually stunning.  HUGE Lego minifigures make great additions to any room, child or adult, and look phenominal in a collection display!  We have some scale pictures in the image gallery below, so that you can see just how massive these guys are.  They alarms work great, the backlights are bright and the sculpts / paint applicatooins are flawless.  We highly recommend!

You can purchase the Batman Lego Clock and Joker Lego Clock Online and at retail stores like Toys R' Us!

Image Gallery:

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Young Justice Live Action Series Coming to the CW?

The rumor mill is flying after Bleeding Cool got a tip that a live action drama series based on the Young Justice cartoon may be in development for the CW for 2015.  What do you think, good idea or bad idea?

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Batfleck! Stop Getting So Buff For Bats vs. Supes!

According to an EOnline story, the costume designer on the film Afflect is currently working on, "Gone Girl" is urging him to stop bulking up! Full Story below.

Dear Ben Affleck—please don't bulk up for Batman too much.

At least not while you're still filming Gone Girl.

The upcoming caped crusader has been asked to refrain from working out too much while making the much-anticipated thriller.

"I'm trying to keep him at the size he's at right now until he's done with us," Gone Girl costume designer Trish Summerville told me at the Catching Fire premiere in L.A. "I'm sure he's working out but I think for him, he's probably a guy that builds up really quickly so I just kind of asked him if he can stay where he's at right now."

Rumors that he could have been hitting the gym pretty hard took off late last month after photographers snapped a seemingly muscled up Affleck while out for chores with his daughter Violet.

"He's a really big guy, like he's quite tall," Summerville said. "You don't realize how big he is. He kind of reads smaller on film than he does in real life."

And Summerville reiterated what we've known for a long time, "Ben couldn't be lovelier. He's so nice."

Gone Girl is an adaptation of writer Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel of the same name. Directed by David Fincher, the movie also stars Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris.

It's scheduled for release on Oct. 3, 2014.

"It's great to collaborate when people are so talented," Reese Witherspoon, who's producing Gone Girl, told E! News at last month's Elle Women in Hollywood gala. "I'm just thrilled that the movie is getting made so quickly…and this author Gillian Flynn, who is so talented, is having so much of her work produced now."

Huge Batman 80s Tees Giveaway! Enter Today!

Legions of Gotham has partnered with the fine folks at 80sTees.com to hold a great holiday season giveaway!  You can win one of the following great Bat-items!  To enter, 1.) Email us at legionsofgotham.org @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) with "CONTEST" in the subject line.  Please include your full name, mailing address and size!    2.) Follow us on Twitter.  Good luck Bat-Fans!

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