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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

LoG Fundraiser Batman Merchandise Auctions!

Hey Bat-Fans!

We're looking to raise some money for the site, we have some projects we're working on like APP development and advertising and rather than just ask you guys for money I thought I'd go through the ol' Batman collection and auction off some items!  I hope you're into this idea, we'll test the waters and see how it goes.  

The first item up for bid is my personal copy of Batman: Arkham City on Xbox 360, autographed by the Rocksteady crew!  This game has never been played, but was opened by the crew for the signing.  I'll start the bid at $20 (free shipping in the USA).   If you're interested you can email me at legionsofgotham.org@gmail.com or reply to this post on the blog or facebook and we'll go from there.  The auction will go for 24 hours.  Good luck!

Details: We accept paypal for payment and will send the item ASAP, once payment is recieved.