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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Face 2 Face DVD Review

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Face 2 Face DVD Review

Synopsis: Face 2 Face is a feature length documentary that follows the 11,000 mile cross country adventure of Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Katherine Brooks (Loving Annabelle, Waking Madison). After major surgery, Katherine found herself feeling isolated and alone. Spending her days on Facebook, Katherine noticed she had 5,000 virtual friends, but had not had a hug in over a month. Struck with the idea that it takes more than a friend request to be a friend, she posted the status update: the first 50 people who say YES...I m coming to your city to meet you face to face. Within 9 minutes, Katherine had her 50. Funded solely by 846 backers on Kickstarter, in the summer of 2011, Katherine set out on a journey that would change her life and those around her. DVD BONUS FEATURES Slideshow Deleted Scenes Trailer More from Wolfe

Review: This documentary is a phenominally interesting journey from Kat Brooks from a dark place in her life to a more positive one.  The documentary also serves as a great commentary on our modern social media frenzy.  She travels to 50 of her facebook "friends" to visit them face to face.  This one is a very unique documentary, unlike anything we've seen.  It has a great vision and a very positive message, without being preachy.  Its a great watch.

Interest Range: Documentary