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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview With A Hitman Blu-Ray Review

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Interview With A Hitman Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Silent. Relentless. No attachments. This is Viktor s code. The mantra that took him from the slums of Romania to the pinnacle of his profession as a murderer for hire. Viktor knows the value of life more than most, which makes him the perfect killer. But after a ruthless betrayal by his bosses, he escapes to London, joins a new family, and finds himself caught in a vicious underworld power struggle. Viktor is now better, faster and more ruthless than ever before, but an encounter with a dark beauty offers him a chance at new life. But can he ever hope to escape the ghosts- and buried secrets of his past?

Review: Interview with a Hitman is a unique take on the hitman - action thriller flick.  The film centers around Viktor, a Romanian hitman that is recapping his experiences and life.  The film is full of fun gunplay and crazy action.  There is a twist ending, and overall the film is definately worth your time.  We recommend this one.

The special features on this blu-ray include: 

Making of
Director Commentary 

Interest Range: Action, Drama