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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WWE: The Best of Raw and SmackDown 2012 DVD Review

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WWE: The Best of Raw and SmackDown 2012 DVD Review

Synopsis: For the WWE Universe there are 5 hours of appointment television every week as Raw on Monday nights and SmackDown on Friday nights continue to offer the most shocking surprising athletic humorous and dramatic moments on ongoing television. With The Best of Raw & SmackDown 2011 relive all the best prime time action featuring John Cena CM Punk Sheamus Randy Orton and all the top Superstars in WWE. This 4-DVD (or 3-Blu Ray) release will include more than 11 hours of the best of Raw and SmackDown!

Review:  We love WWE here at the Legion!  Unfortunately, I didn't keep up on the weekly shows for 2012.  Thankfully, they saw fit to recap the important events of the year on Raw and Smackdown for us on DVD!  I eagerly popped this one in and enjoyed the funniest and most action-packed moments of the year for WWE on TV!  I'm now keeping up with 2013, but to have 2012 archived is phenominal.  For that matter, I wish they would go back for the last couple of decades and release these for each year!  That would be a fantastic addition to any wrestling library.  As is stands, we'll have to settle for 2012.  This one is a must have for any wrestling fan.

Interest Range: Wrestling, WWE