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Friday, February 01, 2013

Who Did I Marry DVD Review

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Who Did I Marry DVD Review

Synopsis: Jennifer(Terri J. Vaughn)and Terrance (Tommy Ford)are a successful married couple that live with their beautiful daughter in a gorgeous home with their eccentric mother-in-law and housekeeper. This seemingly perfect existence is rocked to its core when Jennifer discovers that Terrance has been cheating on her for years. Can she learn to forgive him and save their marriage, or is it too late to make amends?
Bonus Feature: Outtakes

Review:  Who Did I Marry? is a great drama about modern family life and the struggles that come with marriage in the modern day.  Keeping up appearances and juggling things can be a strain on a marriage.  Could you forgive infidelity, or do you throw your life together away?  This new DVD addresses these questions.  This one was well acted and definately makes you think..a great watch.

Interest Range: Drama