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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thomas & Friends: Full Steam Ahead DVD Review

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Thomas & Friends: Full Steam Ahead DVD Review

Synopsis: THOMAS & FRIENDS: TEAM UP WITH THOMAS: Everyone's favorite true blue engine, Thomas, is back with friends old and new in four fun adventures on the Island of Sodor in Thomas & Friends: Team Up With Thomas. This DVD is enhanced with CG animation and a live-action host, Mr. Arkwright, who welcomes viewers with a smile and a fun project for Lady Hatt's grandchildren. Thomas, Edward, Toby, James and the rest of the engines introduce young engineers to Hank, a big, strong, new engine, and Flora, a lovely new lady steam engine. Together, they take us along on their tasks around the island. Be careful: trouble may lie around the next bend. But one thing's for certain - you'll always come home with a brand new friend! THOMAS & FRIENDS: WOBBLY WHEELS & WHISTLES: Travel along with Thomas for a wonderfully wobbly and wheel-spinning good time! The No. 1 blue engine has bridges to cross and tracks to uncover in these exciting adventures. When Victor gets overloaded with too many tasks, can Thomas help him let out steam? And while trying to get Scruff as clean as a whistle, will Thomas have to get his own wheels dirty? Just when things seem to be rolling along, will Ol' Wheezy make a wobbly mess of Thomas' special delivery? Hold on for exciting surprises waiting to be delivered just for you! THOMAS & FRIENDS: RAILWAY FRIENDS: All aboard for six all new adventures with Thomas and his engine friends in Thomas & Friends: Railway Friends. Meet Thomas' best friend Percy, attend a festive winter party at the wharf, take a wrong turn on a mistaken shortcut, and see Thomas worry about his squeaky brakes and strive to become a `Really Useful Engine.' Filled with charming characters and heroic displays of loyalty, responsibility and friendship, this DVD will be a treasured addition to any home entertainment library.

Review: Ok, firstly my three year old is obsessed with trains, and you know what that means don't you?  Thats right, Thomas.  The track..the train table..all the trains..and of course, the cartoon.  This DVD comes with a train.  Ok, are you serious?  My son FLIPPED out over this.  What a great combination and incentive.  He loved the cartoon, which was full of light hearted fun and some great lessons, as always.  Definately a win.  This one would be perfect for an Easter basket!

Interest Range: Kids