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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ghost Trap DVD Review

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Ghost Trap DVD Review

Synopsis: Cynthia, a science-obsessed teenager and her best friends discover a way to capture ghosts - just in time to save an elderly woman, Isabelle Gotham, from the rebel ghost Vilhelm and other pesky spirits in her house.

Review: I don't usually pick up quirky kid movies, but this new film, by Inception Media Group, intrigued me.  I was a HUGE sucker for anything ghost and monster related as a kidd.  Everything from Ghostbusters to Monster Squad, and this film kinda looked like it had a similar feel.  I might equate it in tone more to something like Casper, but this was a really enjoyable film.  I sat down with my 8 and 10 year olds and we watched this one together.  They definately dug it and gave their seal of approval.  This one is kid tested, father approved! 

Interest Range: Kids, Comedy